Today is Monday

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh dan Salam Sejahtera.

Today event is very tired event and day. From morning till evening, my schedule is for doing an inspection at the factory. It is not easy as what we all thinking. Maybe for some people, they thought that what i am doing is simple and easy. But, the reality is not like that. From morning, i need to prepare the document to bring for the inspection and audit, need to call and deal with Person In Charge. Not all PIC is 'mesra alam' as what we tought. Sometimes, the percentage of high patient need to be increased time by time. 

For evening session, walk around the factory for about one and half hour, is very long time. From 2.30pm till 4.00pm. But, the important process that i learn today is about Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). I take the course at Part 5, 1 year ago,i forgot most of the process for treat the WW. But, at the plant, i learned back what i had learned before. It become more clearer to me. I realize that i need to study more about health and safety to become a good SHE one day. 

(abaikan grammar aku...hehe..mengada nak tulis in bi.)

~Keep us close to You.Until the end of time..Baraka Allahu Lakuma wa Baraka alikuma Wa jamaah baina kuma fee khair~